Project Description

Implementation of XML ASP.NET Providers (XmlRoleProvider, XmlMembershipProvider and XmlProfileProvider).
This ASP.NET XML Providers pack is an evolution of examples, articles and samples of code which I have packed and improved for the needs of some of the projects I'm working on.
In fact I'm pretty satisfied of using it on my projects, thus I have decided to share it with you folks.
Please, feel free to download binaries or source code and use it or changed it to whatever you need.
Any good ideas for features or changes are very welcome.

This project is kept for backward compatibility with .NET 2.0
The implementation of XML ASP.NET Providers for .NET 4.0 could be found under Tiny Membership Providers project.


  • Native support and usage by all ASP.NET membership controls;
  • Supports all password formats: Clear, Encrypted and Hashed;

Have In Mind
It is not recomended to use this providers with "heavy-duty" membership sites (a lot of roles, users and big number of members).
However they best fit for sites with small number of authenticated users and hosted on servers with no SQL access.


Help Topics

Source Code

The stable code releases could be found under folder Releases in Source Code project section.
Downloading the code from Work folder under Source Code is not recommended and is on your own risk.

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Happy coding ...

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